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How to Know if Your Dental Implant Failed?

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Dr McMurray
How to Know if Your Dental Implant Failed?There's often a prevalent preference amongst people for dental implants as they serve as an effective long-term solution for missing teeth replacement while improving oral functionality. However, similar to any medical procedure occurrence of possible implanted failure exists

Persistent Pain and Discomfort

A better understanding of initial symptoms or signals that point towards a faulty implant helps in prompt treatment initiation. Typically, mild discomfort or pain is usual during the initial post-implant healing period. Incessant or inflamed pain observed beyond reasonable healing time indicates implant failure.

Suffering from excruciating pain often implies issues like implant rejection, nerve damage, or infection issues. Constantly bearing pain without further evaluation by a qualified oral surgeon or dentist for a reliable prognosis may lead to eventual tooth loss.

Mobility and Shifting

Following surgery, implanted teeth may become mobile and shift because of failed osseointegration due to poor bone quality, strong bacterial influence, or incorrect placement. At this stage, reaching out to the dental care team becomes crucial.

Gum Inflammation and Infection

Healthy gum tissues have a pivotal role in preserving adequate support & functioning of dental implants. Swelling with redness around gums accompanied by inflammation and pus discharge around implant sites indicate underlying infections causing adverse effects upon bone tissue, ultimately resulting in damaged tooth supports and unsuccessful implants.

If you detect any symptoms denoting failed dental implants - including mild discomfort morphing into aggravated pain, noticeable movement/shifting noted within installed implants, swelling/redness/pus seen at gumline around specific implant sites - don't wait! It's time to consult professionals that are experts in Oral Surgery services immediately before things spiral out of control.

Routine exams and adherence to sound oral hygiene practices will ensure the long-term success of permanently implanted dentures reducing complications. Contact us now for more information on dental implants.

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