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Temporary vs. Final Prosthesis

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Dr McMurray
Temporary vs. Final ProsthesisIt is essential to know the difference between temporary and permanent prostheses when it comes to dental prosthetics. These dental restorations have several functions and take on various roles as one works toward having a robust and attractive smile.

What are Temporary Prosthesis

These short-term temporary restorations are often utilized while the permanent prosthesis is created. Your gums and the location of the permanent restoration are protected by temporary prostheses.

They also keep your smile's aesthetic consistency, allowing you to go about your everyday activities without feeling self-conscious. With temporary prostheses, you and your dentist may evaluate the restoration's sensation and functionality during a trial period. The final prosthesis can be created after any essential alterations have been performed.

What are Final Prosthesis

This permanent repair will be put in your mouth after the healing procedure is finished and any modifications from the temporary phase are finally done. Final prostheses are created in dental laboratories and are customized to your particular oral framework, bite alignment, and aesthetic requirements. This guarantees a secure fit and a natural aesthetic that complements your natural teeth.

The finished prosthesis is designed to give your mouth its full functioning back. The final restoration, whether a crown, bridge, denture, or implant-supported prosthesis, enables you to speak, chew, and smile with assurance. The final prosthesis is created using premium components built to survive daily use. You can have a practical and appealing grin for a long time if you care for them properly.

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Rebuilding your smile involves temporary and permanent prostheses, which serve different purposes. Working together with your dentist at every stage ensures you get the results that will benefit your dental health and self-confidence the most. Contact us today via call or email to schedule an appointment with us or visit our office.

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