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Common Causes of Facial Trauma and Dental Damage

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A dentist holding a missing toothInjuries to the face and mouth encompass the effects on the bones and tissues of the jaw. Yet, oral and maxillofacial surgeons may encounter increasingly severe instances of facial trauma, like fractures occurring in the mandible, maxillary bone, or cheekbones. Dental damage refers to a range of conditions, including tooth fractures and injuries affecting the structures of the face. There are multiple factors that can contribute to these kinds of facial trauma and dental harm.

Traffic and Sports Accidents

Individuals who engage in sports or maintain active lifestyles are especially vulnerable to experiencing facial trauma and dental injuries. Falls and impacts on rigid surfaces can substantially damage the face. In such instances, teeth may be knocked out or broken or suffer enamel abrasions, resulting in dental damage. Additionally, severe traffic accidents can cause disfigurement of the facial bone structure and lead to tooth loss.

Penetrating Wounds

Untreated oral conditions like blisters and tartar build-up increase the likelihood of facial trauma and dental damage. Certain blisters release substances that can erode the gums and tooth-supporting bones, causing harm to the teeth. Furthermore, wounds that penetrate the soft tissue layer of the gums and surrounding skin can result in injuries and damage to both the face and dental structures.

Dental Diseases

Gum diseases and maxillofacial disorders are common culprits behind facial trauma and damage. The deterioration of gums can negatively impact the appearance of the front part of the mouth, causing it to become misshapen. Gum diseases also contribute to the destruction of neighboring teeth, leading to decay and, in severe cases, the development of cancerous conditions.

Prioritize Your Safety and Dental Health

For individuals engaged in sports or any form of physical activity, it is essential to prioritize safety as a means of injury prevention. Equally significant is maintaining proper dental hygiene to protect against potential dental harm. Taking these precautionary steps is crucial for your overall health and should be highly important in any physical endeavor.

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