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Talking to an Oral Surgeon About a Crossbite

Posted on 2/17/2017 by Dr McMurray
A man covering his smile, because he's embarrassed of his crossbite.
A crossbite is a condition in which your teeth do not align properly. In a normal situation, your top teeth sit outside of your bottom teeth. However, with a crossbite, the bottom teeth sit outside of the top.

There are two types, posterior (the top teeth fall behind the bottom on one side of your mouth) and anterior (the top front teeth fall behind the bottom front teeth, similar to an underbite). When you suffer from a crossbite, you may need corrective surgery.

What Causes a Crossbite?

Crossbites tend to be genetic. If one or both of your parents had one, you may develop one as well. Or, if your upper jaw is smaller than your lower, a crossbite is likely to result.

Children are often at risk for crossbites if their baby teeth don't fall out in a normal time period, as the permanent teeth start to emerge behind the still present baby ones. Other causes of crossbites are large tonsils and adenoids, which can cause mouth breathing. Mouth breathing by children can cause the jaw to develop improperly.

What Happens if You Have a Crossbite?

Crossbites can cause a number of different issues:

•  Misaligned jaw.
•  Uneven wear on teeth.
•  Inability to eat properly (resulting in poor nutrition).
•  TMJ issues.
•  Headaches and neck pain.
•  Lack of confidence due to imperfect smile.

Fixing a Crossbite

There are different options when it comes to treating a crossbite. One of the most common methods is the use of orthodontics. You may require tooth extraction to make room for your teeth to fit properly. Even then, depending upon the severity, braces could take a long time to produce the desired results. In extreme cases, surgery may be your only option.

Crossbites are a serious condition that need to be fixed. Contact our office we will help you to decide if surgery is truly the best option for you.

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