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Why are the Inside Corners of Your Mouth Bumpy?

Posted on 3/25/2017 by Dr McMurray
A man embarrassed of his smile; because he has bumps in the corners of his mouth.
If you've ever run your tongue around the inside of your mouth, along your cheeks and gums, as well as under your lips, you've probably noticed that, for the most part, the tissue is smooth.

However, some people may notice bumps on the inside corners of their mouths. While these are fairly common, it can be concerning.

What are They?
Certain areas of the inside of your mouth, such as the inside corners of your mouth, are in the way of your teeth. These particular areas are more prone to being accidentally bitten down upon, the tissue damaged.

The damage often heals quickly and leaves no mark. But if the tissue is continually bitten, over time the tissue may start to become thicker, becoming what is known as traumatic fibroma, or an overgrowth of tissue cells due to trauma. These growths are harmless.

Seeking an Oral Surgeon

If you are concerned about the growths in your mouth, you should contact an oral surgeon. Experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, abnormalities and diseases in and around the mouth, including the jaw, face and neck, an oral surgeon is able to examine the unusual bumps inside your mouth and determine their cause, as well as whether or not they are harmless.

Oral Biopsies

An oral biopsy is a procedure done to determine the cause of an unusual lesion when visual examination or other methods are not enough. It will also be able to tell if the lesion is oral cancer, which needs to be caught early and treated immediately, another issue (that the surgeon can then treat), or nothing at all.

There are a few different types of biopsies that can be performed:

•  Incisional. A small section is removed from the lesion.
•  Excisional. Usually performed on small lesions, the entire abnormality is removed.
•  Fine needle. Cells are extracted from the lesion with a small needle.
•  Brush biopsy. A brush is used to remove cells from the area.

While bumps at the corner of your mouth are normal, and usually no cause for concern, your oral surgeon will be able to tell for sure. If the bumps are new, and have lasted more than two weeks, contact our office today for an appointment.

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