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When Do You Need to Start Having Regular Oral Cancer Screenings?

Posted on 4/17/2017 by Dr McMurray
An elderly woman receiving a dental exam for oral cancer.
Oral cancer is never something that anyone wants to be diagnosed with. However, if you go in and see your dentist regularly, this diagnosis can come along with the reassurance that it can be easily treated.

Most of the time, oral cancer has an easy fix when it is caught in its earliest stages, and that is much easier to do if you see the dentist every six months. However, when should those regular checkups begin?

Get Screened for Oral Cancer Starting Around 20 Years Old

You want to begin going in for regular oral cancer screenings once you hit about 20 years old. This is the right age for symptoms to start showing up in people who do not have a history of it in the family. Should you have a family history of any type of oral cancer, then you should start getting checked sooner.

Your dentist likely does a basic screening with each examination, but more testing can be done. There are specific scans that can be done to help monitor changes in your mouth. Then, as your dentist sees you more, they can keep track of any changes that happen anywhere in or immediately around your mouth.

Even minor changes can be noted with these scans and they can be looked into immediately, allowing you to have the best chances of early detection.

While oral cancer can be frightening, it doesn't have to be a constant concern. By going in and seeing your dentist every six months, they are able to help keep not only your oral health in check, but also help keep an eye on something that could become cancer in time.

Make sure you contact our office today. It is the best way to make sure any cancer is caught as early as possible.

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