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How We Manage Bruxism Symptoms with Mouth Guards

Posted on 1/10/2020 by Dr McMurray
How We Manage Bruxism Symptoms with Mouth GuardsIf you have a headache every time you wake up, or maybe you suffer from mouth pain every morning, you may have bruxism. Bruxism sounds like a horrible disease, but it is actually easy to treat.

If you think that you might have bruxism, keep reading for more information about the causes of bruxism and the treatment for bruxism.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition where people clench their teeth or grind their teeth against each other at night. No one is really sure why some people grind their teeth or clench their teeth and other people don't, but many doctors think bruxism has a lot to do with stress and anxiety. Whatever causes for you bruxism are, the problems bruxism causes are very serious.

Over time, bruxism can lead to cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Teeth can be worn down as well, and nerves can be exposed. If you have braces, appliances, or veneers, you can crack or break them. Bruxism leads to serious damage to your teeth and gums.

How We Treat Bruxism

There are several ways that we can treat bruxism. First, you may want to ask your doctor about anti-anxiety medication. Anti-anxiety medication might eliminate your bruxism. We can also fit you with either a soft brace or a hard brace to fix your grinding or clenching teeth.

Soft appliances are usually for people who have recently started clenching or grinding their teeth. The appliance distributes the energy from your bite to all of your other teeth, so the energy is diffused. Hard appliances are used for people who are already damaged. They prevent us from clenching or grinding our teeth.

Do you have bruxism? Do you think you might need an appliance? If you think you have bruxism, don't be shy. Give us a call today and let us talk to you about your dental care.
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