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Is a Tooth Extraction Traumatic?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Dr McMurray
Is a Tooth Extraction Traumatic?Most people already feel a bit uneasy whenever someone says they need to poke around in their mouths. Especially if there is tenderness or an issue you are aware of but would rather deny, it can be traumatic to make an appointment to find out the actual health of your oral cavity.

Though you may feel worried, however, there are ways to make it less traumatic for you. Scheduling with us can be the first step in eliminating unnecessary anxiety you may have regarding your dental health.

Removing A Tooth Can Be Scary

There is no question about it: from the very first nub we leave under the pillow in anticipation of the tooth fairy to finding out one needs to be extracted as an adult, losing a tooth can be terrifying. It is one thing to have it removed against our wishes, such as taking a blow to the jaw or loosening up to the point that it falls out on its own.

It is another entirely to find out that someone is going to have to take it out of your mouth while you are feeling helpless in the dental chair. For those who have otherwise exemplary oral health, it can be concerning to find out what happens after we lose a tooth.

Dealing With The Trauma Of Losing A Tooth

Many teeth can be replaced, either through partial dentures or implants. Some implants can be just as effective as your natural tooth and capable of giving you the security you need to continue eating the foods you love. Those who are afraid of the pain that might come from having an extraction may feel better knowing there are ways to keep you feeling comfortable during the procedure.

If you have recently lost a tooth or learned you might have to have one removed, this is actually fairly common. For advice on dealing with the trauma or how you can have your extraction replaced, simply call our office and we will discuss options with you.
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