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We Should Check Out Your Jaw if it Starts to Click

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr McMurray
We Should Check Out Your Jaw if it Starts to ClickThere is no need to be immediately alarmed if you hear or feel clicking in your jaw when chewing, but it should be checked out. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), can be minor to severe. It is best to see us before an annoying clicking in your jaw, turns into a painful, possibly dangerous situation.

Why is Your Jaw Clicking?

You may experience jaw clicking for several reasons, some are an easy fix, such as chewing gum, biting your nails, biting your cheek or lip, grinding your teeth, or clenching your jaw. Let's start with chewing gum. Due to the fact that you are overworking your jaw muscles, and possibly causing your jaw to become improperly aligned, chewing gum can lead to a clicking jaw. Are you a nail biter? It is a common habit, and not only can it lead to unhealthy nails, but also a clicking jaw.

You wouldn't think chewing or biting on your cheek or lip would affect your jaw, but it certainly can. These types of actions move your jaw in a way it isn't intended to go, and misalign it, sometimes causing a clicking sound or pain. The same thing goes for teeth grinding and clenching of your jaw. These movements put unwanted pressure on your jaw. Beyond some of these more controllable issues, there are a few other possibilities, which are more serious, and can cause jaw clicking. Arthritis, a broken jaw, malocclusion of the face, myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), tumors, infection, or sleep apnea, are all capable of causing a clicking in your jaw.

Is a Clicking Jaw Unhealthy?

A clicking jaw should always be checked out because it is often a sign of another problem. Like most health issues, it is best to address it before it gets worse. Please call our office as soon as you suspect a clicking jaw, so we can determine the source. And be sure to see us regularly for your routine checkups, so we can stop any problems before they begin.

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