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How to Keep Your Cheeks from Swelling So Much After Oral Surgery

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Dr McMurray
How to Keep Your Cheeks from Swelling So Much After Oral SurgeryAfter your oral surgery, some changes will take place in your mouth and your face. One of these changes is the swelling of your cheeks. This is a perfectly normal thing following this particular oral health procedure. You will discover that the swelling often peaks as early as two to three days after undergoing oral surgery. This physical change is usually a very uncomfortable part of your recovery process. Since you cannot prevent it, there are ways to reduce this bodily reaction after your oral surgery.

Cold Compress Versus Heat Compress

A few hours after the surgery, you can use a cold compress technique to manage both swelling and pain in your cheeks. Take a few ice cubes, frozen vegetables, or an ice pack and gentle place on your cheeks. Keep the pack there for about 15 minutes. Repeat the same process at an interval of 15 minutes while alternating from one cheek to another. After 24 hours, the cold therapy will become less effective. So your next option will involve switching to heat compress to reduce the swelling. Fill a bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel, and press it gently to the swollen area while alternating both cheeks at an interval of 20 minutes.

Use Saltwater

Use saltwater to keep the oral surgical area clean in addition to reducing the swelling inside the cheeks. Add one teaspoon of table salt into a glass of clean, warm water and mix it thoroughly. Apply the solution to the affected area at least four times every day during the healing process. Most importantly, practice the recommended care after oral surgery to feel comfortable. If you have questions about the best way to prevent your cheeks from swelling after oral surgery, feel free to call us today.
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