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How an Oral Surgeon Can Sometimes Save a Cracked Tooth Instead of Extracting It

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Dr McMurray
How an Oral Surgeon Can Sometimes Save a Cracked Tooth Instead of Extracting ItA cracked tooth may result naturally from aging, or from accidents such as chewing hard foods, dental trauma, and teeth grinding. Cracked teeth will cause pain, tooth sensitivity, and swelling of the gum and soft tissues around the affected tooth. Depending on the crack's size and location, we can restore your teeth or opt for extraction to prevent further complications. Extraction is ideal where the crack is below the gum line. However, before settling for extraction, our oral surgeon will first examine your tooth and recommend a dental crown or root canal to save it.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns, usually made of porcelain or ceramic, can treat cracks by capping the damaged tooth. To fit a crown on your cracked tooth, we will first shave off some enamel to create space for the crown. We will then make your tooth's impression and take it to the laboratory to make a crown that matches your natural teeth' color. This process requires more than one appointment. We will fit the crown over your cracked tooth during your next appointment and restore it to functionality. With proper care, your crown should last you for a lifetime.

Root Canal

If the crack on your tooth extends to the pulp, you will need a root canal to restore your tooth. This procedure will help prevent your tooth pulp from an infection that may weaken it further and increase the crack's size. To perform a root canal, we will administer anesthesia and clean out your pulp before restoring your tooth. Given the above options, it is evident that you can save your natural tooth from extraction. However, you should note that extraction is the ultimate option where the above procedures cannot work. Thus, you should practice good oral hygiene and dental care. For more details on dental cracks and treatment, contact our office today.
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