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What you should know about Bone grafts

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Dr McMurray
What you should know about Bone graftsA bone graft is a procedure that involves a bone transplant, where the graft material replaces lost bone in the jaw and stimulates the regeneration process. The native bone absorbs the graft material into the bone and there is new bone formation. The bone grafting process ensures that the jaw bone is made stronger.

Sources of Bone grafts

The graft material is from several sources. Using bone tissue of the patient is the first source where it is from the body parts of the patient such as hip or chin. This type of graft is an autograft. There are allografts, which are cadaver bones from the body of donors. The dental surgeon will test if the allograft is disease-free or is immune neutral. Grafts from the animal bone tissues are xenograft and are great in making bone grafts for the mouth. This is mainly from animals such as cows. The graft material is also ceramic, mixed with bioactive glass and calcium. Finally graft material is alloplastic that comes from hydroxyapatite which is a mineral in bones.

Procedure for Bone graft

A periodontist performs a bone grafting procedure. There will be the administration of local anesthesia especially if some tissue is from your bone parts. The dentist will also extract a tooth during this procedure if it is necessary. When bone grafting and tooth extraction take place simultaneously then the healing process is accelerated. There is the cleaning of the area and if extraction is not present the gum is cut to reveal the bone. At this point, the dentist attaches graft material to the exposed bone, and the area is sutured to keep the material in place. The dentist uses screws, pins, wires, and cables to keep the tissue together; sewing is also done in some instances. Visit us to have a bone grafting procedure and call us to book an appointment
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