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Dental Alveolar Surgery

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Dr McMurray
Dental Alveolar SurgeryAlveolar is the chunky elevation of bone that contains tooth sockets that support and surround the teeth' roots. Dental alveolar surgery involves treating diseases and conditions of the teeth and hard and soft tissues surrounding the teeth.

Extraction is the most common dental alveolar surgery. It involves removing the dead tooth, which happens as a result of weakening from large fillings. Our professionals make an incision in the gum to pull out the root or tooth. A tiny piece of bone may need removal to get to the tooth. We recommend it as a treatment for diseased teeth beyond restoration, unerupted, crowded, or supernumerary.

Dental Alveolar Surgery Procedures

The first step involves a biopsy. It is a surgical procedure done to obtain tissue from a patient's oral cavity for diagnosis. Some biopsy involves taking a small amount of tissue with a needle, and others involve taking an entire lump surgically. The following steps follow a biopsy.

Sometimes we may encounter the exposure of unerupted or decayed teeth. We consider tooth eruption to be late if its emergence into the oral cavity happens at a time that significantly differs from norms settled for the person's ethnic background and sex. Mostly, we consider eruption to have delayed if it extends more than a year.

We may also perform the extraction of impacted or diseased teeth. An impacted tooth is a tooth that is unable to erupt from the gum. It can be partially or fully impacted. It results from a lack of enough space in the mouth to fit in the tooth.

We are also involved in the placement of dental implants. is the replacement of tooth roots with metals. It also involves replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth that function like natural teeth.

Finally, we are active in the removal of cysts. A dental cyst is a fluid-filled sac of tissue in your jawbone or gums are resulting from distressed gum tissues. Its removal is the final step of dental alveolar surgery. Reach out to us for a consultative session to get more information on alveolar dental surgery.
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