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Are you at Risk of Oral Cancer?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dr McMurray
Are you at Risk of Oral Cancer?Nearly 54,000 people in American are diagnosed with oral or perhaps oropharyngeal cancer every year, with an estimated 9,750 death occurring a year. Similarly, the American Cancer Society estimates about 54,010 new incidents of the oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers for 2021, with deaths of about 10,850. Looking at these stats, it is safe to say that oral or mouth cancer presents dangers to our population. Despite these figures, many people don't take cancer screenings seriously. Also, many assume that they aren't at risk. So what are the risk factors for having oral cancer?

Tobacco Use

The greatest oral cancer contributing factor is tobacco use. Things like cigarettes, tobacco chewing, and pipes are extremely dangerous. Additionally, people should not underestimate the risks secondhand smoke poses to them. If you smoke, it is time you plan to quit the habit.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption

When you consume it in moderation, alcohol has few health risks. Some research even suggests that consuming red wine in moderation can help fight cancer. Having said that, frequent and heavy consumption of alcohol, particularly when coupled with smoking, significantly contributes to an increased risk of developing mouth or oral cancer. Limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible.

Prolonged Sun Exposure

Having too much time in UV light may increase the risk of developing lip cancer, mostly in people with fair skin. Considering wearing a lip balm containing SPF is you will be spending time outside in the sun. Wear a hat and limit the amount of time your body is in contact with direct sunlight.

These are not the only risk factors; there are many others. If you have not had a cancer screening or exam lately, visit our oral & maxillofacial dental office for oral cancer screening. We will also enlighten you about the risks of cancer and evaluate your levels of risks. Also, we will let you know how you can prevent cancer.

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