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Facial Trauma Treatment

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, one of our specialties includes treating and repairing facial injuries. We offer these services to patients experiencing an emergency, as well as those looking to have acute or long-term reconstruction or rehabilitation of their current or past injuries. We understand just how traumatic a facial injury can be, not only physically but also emotionally. When you sustain a serious or deformative injury to a highly visible region of your body it can really take a heavy toll on your emotional well-being. We are passionate about the science and art of treating injuries like these with the highest degree of care and skill to ensure you get the results that you deserve.

Our surgeons are some of the most qualified and skilled in the region and are trained to treat the following issues and more:

•  Fractured or broken facial bones
•  Broken jaws
•  Avulsed teeth (knocked out teeth)
•  Facial lacerations
•  Lacerations within the mouth

Our surgeons are on staff at local hospitals and provide emergency care for facial and intraoral injuries.

The Nature of Maxillofacial Trauma

Maxillofacial trauma is what we specialize in treating. We see issues arise from sports and vehicle accidents, falls, injuries sustained while on the job, as well as interpersonal violence and more. Facial injuries can run the gamut from less severe soft tissue trauma to deeply sustained injuries to the bone and muscle structure. Injuries to regions around the eyes and nose are well within our ability to treat.

Soft Tissue Injuries of the Maxillofacial Region

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Soft tissue injuries often require suturing to allow for proper healing and minimized scarring. We always keep in mind the cosmetic results of our work and will do everything within our power to give you a treatment that results in as little scarring as possible. We also take great care in treating the underlying structures and systems that may be injured such as salivary glands, facial nerves, and salivary channels. By keeping all of this in mind during your treatment process we are often able to allow you to keep all function of such systems.

Bone Injuries of the Maxillofacial Region

When treating injuries to the bone in the facial region, we do not have the option of applying a cast to immobilize the facial structures the same way as one might treat a broken arm of leg. Instead we must often rely on wiring or plates and screws to aid our patients in recovering from such injuries. In the case of screws and plates, a technique known as rigid fixation, we are able to forgo treatment options like the wiring shut of the jaw. Anytime we treat a bone injury one of our top priorities is to minimally affect the appearance of our patient.

Injuries to the Teeth & Surrounding Dental Structures

Transport of broken or avulsed (knocked out) teeth is one of the most important parts of repairing a tooth that has sustained trauma. When you experience such trauma, try to find the broken tooth and bring it in to us. Handle it only from the crown (chewing surface of the tooth) and avoid touching the broken end. Rinse it in water and place it back into the area that it was knocked out of. You can also transport the tooth in between your lip and gum, or in a container filled with milk.

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At South Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, one of our specialties includes treating and repairing facial injuries. Let our team of experts help with your facial trauma.
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