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General Anesthesia Sedation
San Jose, CA

Sedation Options Available

Benefits Of Sedation

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we know that not everyone enjoys having dental work done. Some people get nervous at the thought of having work done on their mouth, which is a very normal reaction that a lot of people have. That is why we make a variety of anesthesia options available to our patient’s, to help them feel comfortable and secure. Your comfort and safety is our number one concern!

Kinds of Anesthesia and Sedation

We offer a number of different anesthesia options, each is designed to ensure your comfort and safety. Of course we offer local anesthesia in the form of different numbing agents. Many procedures can be done using only local anesthesia as it numbs the site to ensure you don’t feel a thing. We also offer nitrous oxide (AKA laughing gas) to patients who have issues with anxiety. Nitrous oxide is great at giving you a feeling of comfort and warmth to take the edge off of the experience. Finally, we offer general anesthesia, which is also referred to as sleep anesthesia because it places you in a state of unconsciousness for the full procedure.

How General Anesthesia Works

General anesthesia allows us to place you in a controlled state of unconsciousness. During this time your brain will not respond to any pain signals that it receives, allowing you to completely bypass feelings of pains of discomfort. General anesthesia is typically administered through an IV but it is also possible to deliver it through a mask.

Is it safe?

We are passionate about your health and safety and would never use a anesthesia method or product that wasn’t backed by clinical studies and research. We have a huge amount of experience with all anesthetic options we provide and will do our best to make sure your stay with us is perfect.

The Process of Receiving General Anesthesia

Before anesthesia, we start by gathering some information during the consultation. It’s important that we know of any allergies or reaction that you have had in the past so that we can properly prepare for your treatment. We will also ask you about any medications that you are or have been taking to ensure everything works well together. Once we have all the info we need we can begin administering the anesthetic.

As mentioned above, general anesthesia is typically administered to you through an IV but if needles make you nervous we also have a facemask that can be placed over your nose to administer the drug. When we begin to administer the anesthetic, before you know it you will be asleep.

In this sleep you won’t feel pain or discomfort, you won’t feel anything and you will be completely unconscious. We will complete your procedure and remove the anesthetic upon completion. Upon waking you will likely feel a light grogginess or nausea, but rest assured this will pass. If you feel off, just let us know and we can help you to get back to a comfortable place. If you can, bring someone with you who can drive you home.

We care about your comfort and hope that you will call us today at San Jose (408) 479-9449 to schedule your procedure.

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"Let me put you at ease and tell you that Dr. McMurray is an experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate surgeon, and I'm thankful to be under his care. His team is equally amazing. They're truly the best at what they do!!" ~Sylvie M.

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At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we put our patient's comfort above all else! We are proud to offer sedation and anesthesia options to put you at ease.
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