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Bar Attachment Denture San Jose CA

Rendered image of bar attachment dentures The bar attachment denture is an innovative restoration that has allowed us to upgrade your dentures. Replacing teeth has never offered a more secure foundation before. Traditional dentures have limited success; they came with a lot of frustration. At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we can eliminate much of that frustration and provide you with dentures that don’t rock on your gums, are held firmly in place, and secured when chewing or speaking.

The bar attachment denture allows us to replace an arch full of missing teeth with a dental bridge supported by a bar system and four dental implants. Using just four dental implants, versus the standard six to eight means less cost and reduced healing time. With a denture that is secured with implants, you’ll be able to retain greater bone stability, keeping your facial shape fuller and healthier.

Am I a Candidate for a Bar Attachment Denture?

The placement of implant secured dentures require a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is completed in our office with minimal conscious sedation needed, in fact some patients find a local anesthetic to be sufficient. This treatment is approved for many of our medically delicate patients, though it does require the ability to heal at a normal rate. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer treatment, certain medications and patients who smoke can have decreased healing rates. These conditions do not eliminate candidacy, but we may need to discuss adjustments with the patient or their personal physician to see what can be done to improve your rate of healing.

If you are already wearing traditional dentures and find them to be inconvenient or uncomfortable, you are a top candidate for this restorative option. If you are missing several natural teeth and finding that dentures are needed to restore your function, you are a top candidate for this restorative option. Bar attachment dentures may be the best possible treatment option to increase your function while feeling the closest to your natural teeth that can be provided. We would love to schedule an evaluation with Dr. McMurray or Dr. Chehrehsa and discuss options specific to you.

Other Implant Treatment Options

Increasingly, dental implants have provided a foundation to a variety of tooth replacement options. The work is a tremendous advancement in dental restoration. In addition to the bar implant retained option, there are other options including:
•  Ball Implant Retained Overdenture: This option allows the denture to be snapped on and off the implants.
•  All-on-4 Treatment Concept: The All on 4 option provides a full arch bridge that is retained with four dental implants. It is a non-removable treatment that uses longer implants making a bone graft often unnecessary.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Dentures do not have to be the miserable experience that previous generations dealt with, we have advancements that have improved their look, feel and retention. We can help you have dentures that will feel much more like your natural teeth. Schedule a consultation for more information about how we can help you have better function and a beautiful smile!
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Bar Attachment Denture San Jose & Gilroy | South Valley OFS
The bar attachment denture is an innovative restoration that allows us to upgrade your dentures to a more secure foundation. Call to book a consultation today!
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