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Digital X-Rays

Doctor from South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery examining an x-rayDigital radiography has fast become an important part of the dental diagnosis, treatment, and documentation. It is a technological advancement that has helped dental practitioners improve dental practice by making developing dental x-rays safer and more convenient. We at South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery use digital X-rays for a variety of procedures and treatments, including dental implants, all on 4, tooth extraction, bone graft, etc.

Types of Digital X-ray Systems

The field of dentistry is very wide and diverse, and thus there are multiple kinds of digital dental x-ray systems that we use for different procedures.
•  Intraoral X-ray Sensors
•  Dental Cone Beam System
•  Digital Imaging Software
•  Digital Panoramic X-rays

These are now fast replacing traditional radiography systems for the numerous benefits they provide.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Dental X-rays have to be taken yearly, and many patients shy away from getting them for fear of damage from the excessive exposure to radiation. However, they are necessary as they can help identify the onslaught of a dental problem early on and aid in their treatment and monitoring of the recovery. Digital X-rays sound complex and but they are not. In fact, they are simple and convenient, and they also combat many of the drawbacks of traditional side effects.
•  Less radiation- One of the biggest drawbacks of film radiation is the amount of radiation it uses. Digital radiation uses approximately 90% less radiation than film X-rays, making it ideal for those who need regular X-rays to stay up-to-date with their progress.
•  Quicker - Digital radiation produces close to real-time results by projecting the results directly on the screen. You don’t have to set aside a couple of hours for your regular checkups as you no longer have to wait while the dentist develops the film.
•  Better Quality Images – the technological improvement has not only reduced the time taken to produce images but has also improved image quality, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and treatment. You can even enlarge or magnify images and zoom in to get to the root cause of the problem, literally.
•  Ease of documentation – Scanning and uploading film x-rays or emailing them to dental experts is difficult, to say the least. With digital X-rays, the process becomes a piece of cake. It also makes it easier to store the images on the computer or digital database, eliminating the need to store paper records.
•  Chemical-free – When you don’t need to use chemicals to develop film X-rays, the whole process becomes environmentally-friendly. It also saves space but eliminating the need for a designated developing space allowing for efficient utilization of clinic space.

You no longer have to think twice before getting the dental implant, especially if it is the fear of exposure to radiation that is holding you back. The use of digital radiography has simplified the process, making it safer, quicker, and efficient.

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we use digital radiography to help us make an accurate diagnosis, provide high-quality dental care through a safe and efficient process.
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