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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Procedures

What Is Involved In Orthognathic Surgery

Our team, at South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, can correct both minor and major jaw and dental irregularities to improve your breathing, function, speaking and aesthetics.

Dr. McMurray specializes in oral and maxillofacial acute treatment, emergency care, and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation.

As an oral surgeon, Dr. McMurray's main concern is to bring comfort to the patient, both physically and emotionally. Facial trauma can be just that, traumatic, and to ease a patient's pain, and restore a patient's function is our goal.

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What is Orthognathic Jaw Surgery?

In dentistry, orthognathic refers to the alignment of a person's jaw. As a medical term, ortho refers to being straight.

Who is a Candidate for Orthognathic Surgery

This is used in words including orthodontia, which refers to straightening teeth. The term -gnathic refers to the jaws. So, we are straightening your jaws, to alter your bite, allowing you to chew, speak, and even breathe better. Some of the common conditions that we see for patients who require orthognathic surgery include:

•  Patients who are unable to fully open or close their jaw.
•  Patients who have difficulty biting with their front teeth to break food off.
•  Patients who have difficulty in chewing their food.
•  Patients who find that they are experiencing problems swallowing.
•  Patients whose facial appearance is off balance, or uneven.
•  Patients who suffer from TMJ.
•  Patients who have excessive wear on their teeth from grinding.
•  Patients who have an open bite, meaning a gap between their upper and lower jaw when their mouth is closed.
•  Patients who have a protruding, or receding jaw.
•  Patients who suffer from sleep apnea.
•  Patients who experienced a traumatic facial injury, could be sports related, or car accident, or violent injury.
•  Patients who were born with congenital defects.
•  Patients who have a difficult time having their upper and lower lips meet together.
•  Patients who are chronic mouth breathers.

Dr. McMurray will evaluate your condition, along with reviewing digital x-rays, to determine what is needed, and if corrective jaw surgery is necessary. It is important that our patients recognize that corrective orthognathic surgery, which will most likely include orthodontics such as braces or retainers, may take several years to complete. The process will most likely be long, but the prize is comfort, function, and health.

Traumatic Facial Injuries

Injuries happen, they happen on sports fields, on playgrounds, in motor vehicles accidents, or from being physically hit. With all of these incidents there can be soft tissue damage or bone fractures. The difficult part of bone fractures in your facial region is that it is not an area commonly casted. After we have located the fracture and determined the severity of it, we may have to stabilize the jaw, helping it heal in a particular way, by wiring the jaws together. In some situations it is appropriate to surgically place small plates and screws to allow for correct healing. This procedure is called rigid fixation. The relatively recent development and use of rigid fixation has profoundly improved the recovery period for many patients, allowing them to return to normal function more quickly.

We want to provide you the relief and function that you need. For more information on orthognathic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, or facial trauma, contact our Oral Surgeon, Joseph C. McMurray, DMD, MBA Inc. His staff is here to assist you. We proudly offer multiple office locations to better serve your needs. San Jose - (408) 479-9449, Gilroy - (408) 479-8788 or Los Banos - (209) 826-4312
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